Geelong Triathlon Training & Geelong Triathlon Coaching Services

Geelong triathlon training & Coaching ProgramsEnduranceteam is based in Geelong. That is why our Geelong triathlon training and Geelong triathlon coaching is different from what we can offer nationwide. And this comes as an advantage to beginners, pros and even supporters in the region.

Yes, we do offer Triathlon training all over Australia through our online programs and regular training camps. These are highly effective and have proven time and time again to deliver measurable results and an improvement our participants can feel.

Still, nothing compares to regular intensive training and constant contact with your coach to interact and get all your questions answered. Better yet, is to have a personal coach who will tailor your training to maximize your results within the shortest time frame possible.

Geelong Triathlon Coaching in a nutshell:
The science of building elite triathletes

After so many years of experience and with elite coaches of the caliber of Jarrod Evans, the way results are achieved has become a pattern of success with us. We will take you by the hand and take you where you want to go. Our only condition: Follow our instruction and work hard!

geelong triathlon training

Who will be your triathlon coach in Geelong?

We have an arsenal of coaches with years of experience in which over the last 20years they have had the chance to work with all age groups and skill levels. Importantly, they have all had the chance to work under Jarrod Evans, an Australian Level 3 High Performance Triathlon coach, who supervises all offered coaching and training programs and packages. To say that you are in good hands would be an understatement. It will be very hard to find to our Geelong triathlon coaching an equal in whole Australia.

Different training programs available in Geelong, AU:

We run different training squads for different ages and level groups. Our goal is to have individual groups in each squad. According to our experience, this is the optimal atmosphere for maximum personal growth. Within our groups no-one gets left behind and we do it together.

Expand Available Training Programs
Junior Triathlon Squad
This is a great opportunity to get your kids involved in the world of Triathlon early on. This squad if for children between 10 and 15.
Try a Tri Squad
Maybe you have heard about how unique the whole Triathlon experience can be and would like to give it a try? Or maybe that you want to discover your bodies limits? Defying the beast and breaking habits for the first time can be tricky. Let’s help you out.
Beginner Tri Squad
This is for those who went through our “Try a Tri Squad” program and liked the experience. This is also the right choice if you are already an athlete but want to discover more of Triathlon and what your capable of.
Age Group Triathlon Squad
This squad’s training takes into account your age and you capabilities into account. Our motto: “Do what you can when you can”.
High Performance Group
We will maximize your performance. This is not for everybody but you get to work with Jarrod Evans himself directly.
Elite Group
We will support you 100% with coaching and sponsors. We build champions!
Group Session Option
Come to any group session you wish. Put together your own schedule at a cost you can afford. You can’t get more flexible than this.

If you have any questions about our Geelong Triathlon training or would like to take us up on one of our Geelong Triathlon coaching programs, then please feel free to get in touch either through the form on the righ side on our contact us page.

Geelong Triathlon Training

Geelong triathlon training is also available through Enduranceteam’s affiliate Geelong triathlon training service provider – Geelong Triathlon Coaching.  Geelong triathlon training, squads and group sessions are run in Geelong by fully qualified and insured triathlon coaches from Monday to Sunday each week of the year. There is plenty of information on the Geelong Triathlon Coaching home page.  Geelong Triathlon Coaching along with Enduranceteam is the only full time coaching service in Geelong.


Enduranceteam is Australia’s most successful age group triathlon training and coaching program. Level 3 Triathlon Coach, Jarrod Evans is the Director and Head Coach at Enduranceteam and along with 3 other full time coaches and 3 part time coaches they run over 30 training sessions per week in Geelong and the surrounding areas.  As part of enduranceteam, we try and offer a comprehensive and full range of triathlon training and individual sports coaching services.

We also offer the following;

  • Individual Triathlon Training Programs
  • Online and Correspondence Coaching
  • Training group sessions for Swimming, Cycling and Running
  • Individual Swim Training Programs
  • Individual Cycling Programs
  • Individual Running Programs
  • Individual XTerra and Anaconda Training Programs
  • One on One Technique Sessions

Please contact one of our coaches today at Geelong Triathlon Coaching. OR

Our Geelong triathlon training also provides correspondence and online programming services and some of the most successful athletes to come from enduranceteam have worked off online triathlon training programs.

If you would like to find out more about our triathlon training sessions or triathlon coaching programs please visit the contact page and send us an email.