Running Training Programs

running programs

Running training programs designed exclusive by Jarrod Evans. Jarrod Evans has worked with Professional and Elite Athletes for over 15 years. Working within the (VIS) Victorian Institute if Sport and (AIS) Australian Insitute of Sport Triathlon Programs, Jarrod will provide you with the individual techniques and training systems that the best in the world of triathlon across all distances are using.

Using the same sports science methods and processes that brought about Australian Champions, World Champions, Ironman Champions and some of the fastest age group athletes in the world, you will have access to all the information and knowledge from a coach, that works with some of the best athletes in the world – every day. Running training rograms specifically for triathlon and or just running can be designed and implemented with great success, regardless of where you live.

Using a great combination of dryland strength exercises, running drills, running DVD’s and easily implemented training programs, you will be well on your way to achieving personal best results.Triathletes (and not limited to the below) using Jarrod Evans running training programs have achieved the following:

11 Athletes have achieved             9mins or faster for 3km
7 Athletes have achieved              15mins or faster for 5km
5 Athletes have achieved               31mins or faster for 10km
13 Athletes have achieved             35mins or faster for 10km
19 Athletes have achieved             80mins or faster for 21km

Running training programs can be designed just for you. Get the type of training systems and ‘multisport based’ run programs that the best triathletes in world are using right now.

Through following my programs, you will also be a part of “the next phase” of where the sport of triathlon is heading, in training and preparation techniques, and have access through me to learn the staples of current sports science methods.

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