Steigen – Sportswear for Athletes


Steigen is our official training and racing gear supplier.  Louis Rowan, a former Australian Commonwealth Games Runner, started Steigen the company with a vision to produce top quality training and racing apparel for athletes, and we proud to be associated with this Geelong based company.

Steigen is a sports brand focusing on performance athletic socks that are comfortable, stylish and very practical.

The sportswear line was started by an Australian athletic representative Louis Rowan.

At Steigen we strive to deliver products that are unique and are suited to the serious athlete.  Other major sports brands fail to achieve what those top athletes require, rather going for products that suit the majority of people.
We will always be interested in new ideas and ways products can be improved.  We Will listen!

Steigen will continue to deliver cutting edge and logical designs. Grow with us and we will create amazing products that other bands are too afraid to consider.

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