Geelong Triathlon Coaching & Enduranceteam Athletes

This page contains a current list of athletes within the team as of May 2013.   Our squads are separated into 5 different levels of squads to ensure that all athletes get the adequate time with required with thier coaches and personal attention to detail with programming is the priority.

Please note: Strict minimum standard squad entry times apply to the ‘elite and high performance’ squads.   All ‘elite squad’ athletes are professional liscence holders.  Details available under ‘more’ heading, then use squad tabs. If you cant find the information you need please contact Jarrod Evans

Elite Squad / Professional Liscence Holders (Current May 2013)

James Chronis     (ITU)

Nick McGuire      (ITU)

Jeremy Drake     (ITU)

Chloe Butt (ITU)

Lyndal Dew        (ITU)

Sarah Lester       (ITU)

High Performance Squad (Current May 2013)

Deiter McDonald                Nate Walsh                   Michael McGuire

Ross Young                          Chris Little                    

Sam Boag                            Nancy Cullen                    Nathan Ashton

Jodie Dunstan                      Levi Maxwell               Chloe Lane

Will Cannon                         Marty McDonald          Brett Dunstan

Mary Mitchell                      Kieren Paton Kurt McDonald

Advanced Age Group Squad (Current May 2013)

Matt Burrell                       Kate Bramley                Michael Ryle          George Acheson-Thom

Nick Lanham                     Linda Solly                      Noelene Byrne         Meg Gubbins

Mark Nave                          Cass Phillips                    Ben Webster            Matt Lemaitre

Bonnie Lanham                  Sonya Scholte                 Craig Davis               James Roth

Corey Phillips                     Donna Dew                      Michael Kennedy

Brent Durran                      Mary Anne Seebeck        Rob Woodall

Jake Belsar                        Nicole Alexander              Mitch Hodgson

Simon Anderson               Anthea Cain                       Kate Lewandonski

Cam Spolding                     Mark Murone                   Zoe Adams             Robert Emslie

Debbie Rodgers                 Stuart Wood                      Kellie Councel       Kyle Hubbard

Age Group Squad (Current Feb 2013)

Amanda Klopsteins            Ben Fisher               Ben Toone            Bram McLeod

Carol Brown                        Dave Matthews       Deanne Cavanagha

Ella Toone                           Fynn McLeod           Georg Fellner

Hannah McLeod                Jonty Kenny            Julia O’keeffe          Kellie Counsel

Linda Gasaparini               Mike Bell                  Mike Pilling             Peter Wu

Rachel Galliker                 Rochelle Taylor        Shari Livingston     Tamara Susak

Beginner Age Group Squad (Current Feb 2013)

Linda Gasapini             Kellie Counsel            Graeme Dart           Lauren Carnige

Carol Brown                  Ella Toone                    Mac Fraser                Matt Ince

Tracy Shurey                 Rochelle Taylor           Katheryn Roberts     Michelle Boyd

Kate Bramley               Al Shurey                        Bridget Mansbridge

Connel Shurey             Dominique Swift          Grace Slade             Harrison Kanellos

Jill Slade                       John Toone                   Lorelle Baylee          Monique Matthews

Narelle Scott               Nick Massey                  Sally Massey            Sarah Halson

Sean Riley                   Toni Sleep

Correspondence Athletes (Current May 2013)

Ryan Mcloughlin    Casey Gollan                        Ian Roduner                  Julie Hamilton

Rae Quinn                Levi Maxwell                       Jac Crofton                     Paul Bowker

Adrian Little            Richard Sekesan                 Peter Breadsell              Steve Banning

Anthony Rizzo         Jenny Hart                           Steve Banning               Jo McLaughlan

Amos Gollach          Scott Averay                        Nick Quinn                 Emma Conan Jefferies

Chris Wyatt             Lisa Baptista                        Kurt McDonald            Michelle Que