Try a Triathlon Squad

Lyndal Dew - Head Coach


Hi, my name is Lyndal and welcome to the enduranceteam Try a Tri Program.  We run a triathlon program here specifcally aimed at people who have never done a triathlon before, but would love to have a go at one.  It can be a bit daunting if your tackling it for the first time, but in our program we give you all the training and the confidence tools to be able not only complete it, but love every minute of it.  See below for more details.

2012 Beginner Triathlon Squad Members


Here’s a pic of some of the Nov-Dec 20102 Try a Tri Crew with one of the program coaches – Paul.  We had a couple missing on this night – Kate, Anthony and Emily.  Great people, great program.

Testimonial from Beginner Athlete – Linda Gaspirini

Being a new member this year I found the whole Endurance Team Triathlon Club experience to be most enjoyable, and would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the club to any potential new members, from the training sessions and to the laughs, I know my experience and that of my other recruits has been 100%. I would highly recommend the Endurance Team Triathlon Club for a number of reasons:

  1. You will receive invaluable advice by a professional and friendly coach
  2. It’s a great way to keep yourself motivated and keep on track towards reaching your goals, whether it be completing your first triathlon or improving your time from last year
  3. The clinic provides an opportunity to meet a group of great people that share similar interests (who won’t call you crazy for getting up early on a Saturday morning for a light 2 hour training session).

I commenced with the Team in November 2011, after a fellow team member suggested I join to overcome my fear of swimming in the deep big ocean (I think I watched Jaws too many times) and have a go at the Active Feet Triathlons…well let me tell you I have come a long way. My coach, Lyndal Dew, always kept me on track, providing valuable advice and little techniques which greatly improved my swimming experience one which I don’t fear anymore, but maybe my competitors do (LOL). Lyndal’s experience, positive attitude to the sport and her role as a coach provided us all with a sense of calmness amongst the group. Nothing was ever an issue and she would install confidence ‘that you can do it’ and would re-assure us all that we were improving.

I believe from joining the Team I achieved great results in the Active Feet triathlon series, so next season I would like to tackle the longer distances and with the experience and advice from my coach, the wonderful team morale, my enthusiasm and positive attitude I feel I can do it!

Thanks for everything Endurance Team!

Try a Tri Program STARTS on MAY 1st 2013 – EVERYONE WELCOME :)


Tri a Tri Program 1 / Monday November 5th 2012 – Sunday December 16th 2012
Tri a Tri Program 2 / Monday January 14th 2013 – Sunday March 23rd 2013
Cost $30.00 Per Week (no membership fee’s) and includes an sports pack valued at $115.00including:

  • Engine Swimwear Drawstring Carry Bag
  • Running T-Shirt
  • Drink Bottle
  • Winners Nutrition Products
  • Pure Sport Nutrition Products
  • MASSIVE Team Discounts to all our TEAM SPONSORS!!!
  • Typical “Try a Tri” Weekly Group Session Structure (t.b.c at the beginning of each course)
PM (Swim Session)
PM (Run Session)
AM (Bike/Run Session)
6.00pm – 7.00pm
5.30pm – 6.30pm
8.00am – 10.00am

Please go to the contact page and email Lyndal Dew for more information including costs, what to bring – where do i start……….