Who is Enduranceteam?

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Welcome to enduranceteam.net, multisport and triathlon coaching

We are Geelong based and strongly affiliated with the Geelong Triathlon Club.Since 1996, Jarrod Evans and his coaching team has successfully run squads and coached hundreds of individual athletes not only locally, but right throughout Australia, and since 2004 on an International scale.

The creation of enduranceteam.net is the culmination and evolution of success methods in multisport and triathlon coaching. With his philosophies applicable to juniors, beginners, age groupers and elite athletes, over the last 20 years our honor roll has grown longer and longer, and over past years these performance methods have produced from our squad.

  • Over 100 Athletes, competed in the Hawaiian Ironman since 1996
  • ITU World Championship Series and World Cup Athletes
  • Podium Level Professional Ironman Athletes
  • Australian Junior Elite Triathlon Champions
  • Hawaiian Ironman Age Group World Champions and Medallists
  • ITU World Longcourse Age Group World Champions and Medallists
  • Olympic Distance World Championship Age Group Medallists
  • Australian Junior Elite Team Members
  • Youth Olympic Gold Medallists
  • Top 3 International Professional Ironman athletes
  • Coached over 500 beginners to complete their first triathlon

Enduranceteam.net offers the following services related to triathlon coaching and training:

  • Geelong Based Triathlon Coaching
  • Individual Triathlon Training Programs
  • Individual Sports Coaching for Swimming, Cycling and Running
  • Online Triathlon Coaching and Programming across 5 different sports including Adventure Racing and X-Terra
  • Junior Triathlon Squads
  • Beginner Triathlon Squads
  • Age Group Squads
  • Advanced Age Group Squads
  • High Performance Squads
  • Elite and Professional Training Squads
  • One on One Sessions

We have over 115 athletes currently in our programs, including domestic and international online and correspondence athletes. Currently we have athletes who are training to complete their first triathlon in the 2013/2014 season to very experienced athletes in our programs.

The age range of athletes varies from 10-55, and we have equal male/female ratio within the groups. We have a fully qualified triathlon coach for each individual training squad and more often than not we have 2 Coaches at each session. We make sure we cater for every level at every session.

All our Geelong Squad sessions are done face to face. All of our group sessions are done in Geelong, and surrounding city and coastal areas. There are up to 30 Squad Sessions run each week, with a session on each day and up to 3 sessions per day on weekends for squad members to pick from. Sessions cover swimming, stroke correction, surf swimming, road riding, MTB riding, velodrome sessions, bush, track and trail runs, track sessions, x-training and strength and conditioning sessions.

An enduranceteam.net coach will look after you right from Day 1.

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Jarrod Evans – Director and ET Head Coach